PWM Inverter fed 3 phase Induction Motor Control

To study the modulation in power electronics, various pulse width modulation techniques can be applied in Caspoc. There are various blocks for directly generating the PWM signals including Space Vector Modulation SVM

The sample below shows the most basic operation, the sine-triangle comparison.

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Using the Symmetrical Carries block, the gating signals for the inverter are directly generated from the inpu thtree phase signal. In the sample below, the input signals are simple sinusoidals, but in the complete drive system examples, these inputs are the outputs from an inversse clarke/park transformation or from the SVM modulation block.

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Using the complete inverter models, allows you to simplify the overall circuit diagram. Ther are inverters based on mosfets, GTO and IGBT's . There are swichting models as well as averaged models. Power loss estimation is provided by the dedicated inverter models.

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