Switched Mode Power Supplies, Power Factor Control

Boost converter with power factor control

Understand the basics of power factor control using the UC3854. No hassle with enable and startup circuits, just plain control to get your amplifiers and current sensors tuned!


Example:Download example UC3854-Basic

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UC3854A / UC3854B

The UC3854 and UC3854B are the improved versions of the UC 3854. The main difference is the Vsense is now 3 volt and the offset current for IAC is not required any more.

Example:Download example UC3854AB-Basic

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DIP package

The DIP package model includes the oscillator and other connections for validating the supply voltage, Soft Start and enable pin. Both the UC3854A and uc3854B models are available. The functionality is equal to the UC3854X-control models, only the extra pins are available.

Example:Download example UC3854AB-DIP

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540 Watt design

The following design is for a 400V/540Watt output.

Example:Download example UC3854AB-Basic540Watt

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