Wireless Power Transfer

In this section we show three different levels of modeling switched mode power supplies. In the fourth section various implementations per converter type are available for download

Running the simulation examples

Download Caspoc2017RII

Download the above mentioned zip file and unpack all files. After unpacking open the welcome2017.exe program and install the software. You can directly run the samples from the this overview examples page.

Download the Simulation Examples
Download the Class-E Examples

Running Caspoc from Matlab

In this examples we are running Caspoc directly from Matlab. For more info on his topic, see also Userguide
Download the SeriesSeries Example
The following filestypes are used.

First set up the simulation in Caspoc and for any parameter in a block diagram block or library block that has to be set via Matlab, use the combination of the FileName:ParameterName.

Parameters inside the library can be set using the filename prefix <br>Click to close the image

The parameter file *.xml is opened in the matlab script using the function:


The parameters are set inside the matlab script using the function:

CaspocSetParameter('parameter-name',parameter-value,'Description of the parameter');

The parameter file has to be closed in the matlab script using the function:


The simulation in Caspoc is started from the matlab script using the function:

system('x:\........\Caspoc2017.exe FileName.csi /matlab');

and the matlab script waits until Caspoc is finished before continuing with the script for post-processing.

The example script for a series-series wireless power transfer simulation is shown below

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