Freeware and Viewer

Download and Installation

After receiving the link for the download, simply download the zip file and copy its contents (unpack the zip file) to a folder of choice, preferably to the folder c:\caspoc20xx\

Run or Install?

Run the program welcome20xx.exe and from there you can directly open and simulate an example from the list, or you can install the program to your PC by selecting the [SetUp] button.


Try Caspoc with our FreeWare version. Although limited in nodes, you can run the samples and create your own models and simulate them!

Caspoc offers you:


Any sample can be Viewed / Simulated / Animated in the Viewer. If there is no license, you are able to run the simulation and view the results from the simulation. Certain parameters can be changed, indicated by the interactive components like the UPDOWN, KEY and ONOFF.

Caspoc Viewer offers you:

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