Installing the Freeware / Viewer

After downloading the zip file and unpacking all files, you are able to run the samples from the download in the viewer or to view other simulations examples created in Caspoc. After unpacking, open the welcome2017.exe program and select any topic in the samples section. You can directly run the samples from the welcome2017.exe program, no installation required.


Click the download link and save the zip file <br>Click to close the image


Extract all contents from the zip file before starting the simulations <br>Click to close the image


Select a Folder destination for the simulation program. <br>Click to close the image

Unpacked files

Contents in your folder after unpacking all files <br>Click to close the image


Start the welcome program, where you can chose the simulation examples <br>Click to close the image

Select simulation example

Select a simulation example and click the [GO] button <br>Click to close the image
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