Registration and request your license code.

Not required for the Viewer/FreeWare version!

You have the FreeWare version installed and running and you want to upgrade it to the Standard or Full version.


Register for a Softlock for the Standard, Full or a test version.
The Softlock License is locked to the PC where your register for the Softlock. No hardware key or internet connection is required for the Softlock.

Softlock based on USB Dongle

You can also register for a softlock based on your USB dongle. In that case, the license in the softlock is transportable with your USB Dongle.
To register a Softlock on basis of a USB Dongle, please first install the USB Dongle before continueing the registration here.

USB Dongle

Install the USB Dongle for the Standard, Full or a test version.
The USB Dongle is a portable license with a USB hardware key. The USB Dongle can be transported to any PC.

Installation of the Server Software

Install the License Manager on your local network.


Connect to the License Manager to get a license for the Standard, Full or a test version.
The License Manager is running on your local network.


*Registration is only required when applying for a license to the program.

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