Function Places a mutual coupling between two inductors.
Format Kxxxxxxx Name of the element, including the first character a maximum of 8 characters is allowed.
Inductors to be coupled:
Text1 = Primair inductor Lp,
Text2 = Secundair inductor Ls

Coupling Value:
Value of the coupling 0 < K < 1 to be specified at Value
The value of the mutual inductance is Lk= K*(Lp*Ls)½
Special The dots of the inductors are placed at node1 of the inductors.
Only linear inductors can be coupled. Inductors which are defined to have a non-linear series inductance < L=output > and LBR components can not be coupled.
Be careful when specifying K close to 1, since it can lead to erroneous results
Example NOTE! In Caspoc 1999 and older you have to enter this code in the commands-editor:
KL1L2 L1 L2 0.3
ktrafo lprim Lsec 0.758
Kab L3 Lpar 0.9
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