Viewing currents


Show the current through a circuit component in a scope.

What to do: Place a block SCOPE in the schematic, but such that the input is not connected to a node. (The input is shown as a circle.)
>Click the left mouse button over the circle, hold down the left mouse button and move to a circuit component. On the circuit component, release the left mouse button. A dashed line is drawn from the scope input to the circuit component.
Result: A dashed line is drawn from the input of the scope to the component to indicate that the current through the component will be displayed in the scope.


Another way is to double or right click the block SCOPE to edit the properties. Select Trace/Trace1To connect the first input or any of the other inputs if the scope is large enough, see paragraph Resizing and number of traces.
Select the radio button "Current through", and type the name of the component. Select [CLOSE]
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