Export a control into a Spice netlist.

In Caspoc you can create a model of a control structure, like for example a PI controller or a hysteresis controller and export that into a spice netlist. Either an analog control build using analog circuit components such as Operational Amplifiers can be used, or the control can be set up in the block diagram.


The spice library in Caspoc contains the basic spice components for building electric circuits. Using theses components you can build analog controllers, but also analog filters and amplifiers. Below is an example of a very simple operational amplifier which can be deployed a control structure in a transient simulation. The netlist is exported and can, for example, be used as a control in a transient FEM simulation. The input and output node should be coupled to the sources and sesors in the FEM model, or even controlled sources could be applied in Caspoc.

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Block Diagram

The second example shows the applications of the blocks from the systems and blocks library in Caspoc. These blocks are very convenient to create control structures, such as the PI controller in the figure below. Notice that in this case, the block diagram defining the PI controller gets translated into controlled electrical sources.

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