Automatic generated reports.

From each simulation you can create an HTLM report, which includes the schematic and the simulation results. Before creating the report you have to run the simulation to obtain the results.

If you would need to generate a large number of reports, this could be a tedious job. Instead you can use the auto generation tool, which creates all the reports with simulations results, from all the simulations in one directory

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In the edit field ‘directory’ specify the directory which contains all your simulations. Select [Start] to start the simulations and report generations.

Each simulation file with the extension *.csi is opened, simulated and the report is generated. When all simulations are finished and all reports are generated, an index file is created with the name index.html. For each simulation Wait After Screen in the dialog box Simulation Parameters is enabled, so each simulation is limited to Tscreen seconds.

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