View results numerical during simulation

During simulation you can view the numerical values of nodal voltages, component currents, currents through wires and the output from blocks.
Move the mouse pointer over any node, component or wire and read the numerical value at the bottom-right side of the status bar.

View the numerical value of the voltage on each node: <br>Click to close the image

Move over a circuit component for the voltage over and the current through that circuit component: <br>Click to close the image

The absolute value of the current through the wire and the voltage level of that wire are displayed: <br>Click to close the image

Moving the mouse pointer over a block displays the output value of the block: <br>Click to close the image

Displays the numerical value of each node in the block diagram: <br>Click to close the image

The numerical value of the connection between two blocks is displayed: <br>Click to close the image

The numerical viewing is also possible during the viewing of the simulation results during the replay. To view the simulation results, click the pointer on the trackbar with the left mouse button and drag the pointer to any position. Please note that some time is required before the pointer can be dragged. You can move the pointer to any position on the trackbar and view the simulation results at that point in time.

<br>Click to close the image
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