Using your keyboard.

The keyboard is used for entering numerical values and labels, but htere are also some function keys that you can use. Using the [ENTER] key, your simulation is scontinued, while pressing the [Esc] key may cancel a component selection or stops drawing a wire.

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Use the following keys on your keyboard:


  • [Enter] to continue the simulation
  • [Esc] to pause the simulation
  • [F1] to start the online help
  • [F5] to redraw all simulation results in the scope
  • [F7] to toggle the animation, also during the simulation
  • [Alt]-[Tab] to switch between the workscreen and the opened scope windows
  • [Esc] to get rid of a selected component that sticks to your mouse
  • [Esc] to cancel drawing a wire
  • [Delete] to delete a selected component or selected group of components
  • [Ctrl] to select multiple components
  • [Ctrl]+[Arrow Keys] to scroll the schematic one line.
  • [Ctrl]+[+] to zoom in on the schematic.
  • [Ctrl]+[-] to zoom out on the schematic.
  • [PgDn] to move one page down in the schematic.
  • [PgUp] to move one page up in the schematic.
  • [End] to move one page to the right in the schematic.
  • [Home] to move one page to the left in the schematic.

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If a scope-window is opened the Ctrl+Arrow, PgDn, PgUp, Home and End keys have only an effect on the cursor in the scope window, even when the scope-window is minimized!

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