Heatsink modeling.

All the dynamic semicondutor models from the library have on the right side a connection for a heatsink model.

The upper connection represents the losses in the model, the lower connection represents the temeprature at the case.

Select a heatsink model from the library heatsink and connect it to the right side of the semiconductor model. More heatsink models can be placed after each other, but at the end, a block "Ambient" from the library heatsink has to be placed.

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For each heatsink model Rth and Cth have to be defined, where Rth is the thermal resistance (C/W) and Cth (Ws/C) models the heat transport delay Cth=tdelay/Rth

The values for Rth and Cth can be calculated using the tool Heatsink from the tools section in Caspoc.

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