Control and regulating devices

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Circuit board with digital control

The verification and validation of the control algorithms is an important application of the modeling of power electronic systems .

Analog and digital control

Caspoc supports the implementation of any analog or digital control equipment. Sophisticated and realistic control algorithms can be implemented with the following library blocks:

  • Continuous and discrete blocks for signal processing
  • C script block for the implementation of application-specific functionality in ANSI-C
  • DLL block for integrating compiled object code into the model

Additionally there are specialized blocks for Pulse Width Modulation PWM for Switched Mode Power Supplies SMPS as well as three phase inverters. Space vector modulation SVM blocks can be applied directly including blanking time. There is a variety of specialized control blocks for AC drives such as Brushless DC Machines BLDCM and Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines PMSM and Interior Permanent Magnet IPM AC synchronous machines.

Using the build-in small-signal feature, the stability and robustness of the controlled system can be analyzed in the frequency domain.

Using script control in the experimenter, multiple simulation runs can be started in order to perform automated parameter variations.

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Model based design and C Code generation

From the control block diagram, ANSI-C Code can be generated automatically for running on a microprocessor, MCU or DSP. This simplifies SMPS and motor control, since using this model based design technique, the development time can be greatly reduced. Model based design is possible for a wide range of vendor specific microprocessors.

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