Electrical circuits

Electronics and power electronics

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Caspoc is a fast multilevel simulator to model power electronic circuits with active, passive and electromechanical components. It can simulate any type of electric circuit and show the currents flowing during animation.

Active Components

Electronic circuits are build from resistors, capacitors and inductors, but moreover the semiconductor components are the backbone of the electronic circuit. In Caspoc you can use simple, ideal semiconductor models for a first understanding of the circuit. Secondly you can use the detailed semiconductor models based on datasheet parameters to get a more detailed simulation result.

The ideal semiconductor switch is either fully on or fully off. It switches between theses states instantaneously. Switching and conduction losses are calculated using the loss-predicting models. Based on losses specified in the datasheet, the lswitching and conduction losses are calculated and used for temperature calculations in the thermal circuit.

Caspoc models build on ideal switches run extremely fast and unlike simulink circuit models do not require additional mathematical tricks like non-existing snubbers to ensure numerical stability.

Passive components

Caspoc provides an extensive library of passive components available to model filter parasitics and the non-ideal characteristics of active devices. It also supports non-linear and time-dependent resistors, inductors and capacitors. This allows a close to realistic simulation of the saturable components and parameters that depend on other conditions such as temperature and mechanical position.

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In addition, many transformer models are in the passive component library in various commonly used types of connection, single and three phase.

Electromechanical transducer

A large collection of machine models are the interface between the electrical circuit and the mechanical domain and enable the development of complex algorithms for motor and motion control.

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