Combine the easy modeling and simulation speed of Caspoc with the toolboxes in Matlab/Simulink!

The advantages of the combined Caspoc-Simulink simulation is the modeling of the control in Matlab/Simulink that is connected with the circuit simulator Caspoc modeling the Power Electronics and Electrical Drive.

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To understand the advantages of a combined simulation the strengths of Simulink and Caspoc have to be emphasized.


Where Simulink is thanks to the various toolboxes good in modelling and simulation of the control systems, it lacks support for power electronics simulation. Also the recently developed Power Systems toolbox didn't meet the goals many power electronics engineers have in mind. It lacks especially the component models, speed and accuracy of the simulation. Due to the numerical integration method and network calculation method used, the power toolbox suffers from the algebraic loop. It requires that a parasitic inductance and or capacitance be added to the circuit, which increases the order of the system. One of the strong features of Matlab/Simulink are the toolboxes such as the Control toolbox with detailed description of several control methods.


On the other side Caspoc was developed dedicated to the simulation and animation of power electronics and electrical drives. It is therefore much better suited for the simulation of switching circuits with highly non-linear switching models. However it is possible to combine both simulations through the open interfaces in both Simulink and Caspoc. Combination of both simulation packages seems to be advantageous for educational purpose too. Students are on one side familiar with the Simulink from the basic curricula. Caspoc is very easy to handle and learn in a short time.

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