Embedded Coder

Embedded Coder generates readable, compact, and fast C and C++ code for use on embedded processors, on-target rapid prototyping boards, and microprocessors used in mass production

Export the control from your simulation directly into ANSI C Code!

The advantages of exporting the ANSI C Code directly from the simulation are the ease with which you can create embedded software. Only hardware independent C code is exported in file-classes. These file-classes are included into the embedded software project, so for you as a Power Electronics engineer it is very easy to use!

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Export of C Code from Caspoc for Embedded Software and test your code in a debugger.


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Use file-classes to integrate your exported code into the final software project. A plain easy to use interface lets you interact your code with the software project.

Export of C Code into File-Classes


Link the exported C Code via modeling language (For example, MS Visual-C) to your simulation. Use the debugger inside your compiler to optimize your design and get insight in the working of your models and algorithms.

Hardware independence

The file-classes only contain the C code for your models. All the code for interfacing with the hardware can be vendor dependent in your software project. The file-classes have an interface for making the links between the hardware dependent hardware and your exported code.

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Export of hardware independent C Code from Caspoc for Embedded Software

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