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The simulation package CASPOC is especially designed for simulation of Power Electronics and Electrical Drives. Using CASPOC you can model power electronics, electrical machines, load and control in one multilevel model.

This multilevel model includes a circuit level for the modeling of Switched Mode Power Supplies, a component level for the modeling of electrical machines / loads and a system level for the modeling of control algorithms.

Because CASPOC is especially designed for the simulation of power electronics and electrical drives, there are no convergence problems and the simulation runs 10 to 100 times faster than any general electronics simulation program.

The multilevel modeling approach was developed for the combined simulation of various systems. Each system, being power electronics, electrical machines, controller is described by its most efficient model. Various models exist, which describe the electrical and mechanical behavior of electrical machines. These models mostly consist of a set of Differential Algebraic Equations (DAE) and in many cases they can be simplified into Ordinary Differential Equations (ODE).

The main problem in the modeling and simulation of motion control systems are the different models for the various components in the motion control system.

  • Mechanical load
    The mechanical load can mostly be described by a set of state space equations
  • Control
    A block-diagram or a programming language mostly describes an analog or digital controller. Field oriented controllers can be modeled by a block-diagram, but because of the complexity of the model, a programming language is better suited.
  • Power electronics
    The model of an power electronics circuit has to include at least the system behavior. Details about component behavior are less important when analyzing the motion control. However the time-delays caused by the modulation process in the power electronics circuit influence the overall behavior of the motion control. Therefore the model of the power electronics should at least include ideal models for power semiconductor switches.
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The time constants associated with the mechanical load vary from tenths of seconds to minutes. The time constants of a control can be microseconds, but the time constants in a power electronics circuit are mostly shorter than microseconds. In order to simulate an entire drive system, the time step in the simulation has to be small enough to sample the functioning of the power electronics circuit. The number of calculations defines the computation time, which is roughly given by the division of the total simulation time and the smallest time step used in the simulation. For a general drive system, millions of time steps are necessary to calculate one second of simulation time.

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