EULER’s features

  • Friendly and understandable for engineers user interface styled for MS Windows.
  • Equations of motion for all components within the model are automatically generated according to the engineering description of the mechanical system.
  • Nonlinear effects and large displacements for parts of the mechanical system are considered.
  • Built-in parametrization scheme that works automatically when describing the mechanical system.
  • Visualization of the mechanical system behavior and the values of its dynamical characteristics.
  • Easy assembly of general model of units and subsystems.
  • High capabilities on controlling mechanical system motion:
    • Simulate motion of separate parts of the system according to user-defined rules.
    • Simulate operation of the control system.
    • Reform mechanical system structure during the motion.
  • Flexible facilities of functions use and setting up:
    • Analytical expressions.
    • Conditional expressions.
    • Table setting.
    • Setting a function by a particular file that can be a result of other analysis.
    • Different approximations are possible.
    • Use any functions to set properties of force influences, lines and surfaces, laws of motion.
  • Results of the analysis can be printed right away, exported to text editor or saved computer animation.
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Using EULER, you can collect reliable information while being on early stages in the design process. Dynamic behavior of future devices can be analyzed. Besides that, you can analyze worst-case situations.

EULER is an indispensable tool for those who need an easy-to-demonstrate simulation of mechanical systems.

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