EULER’s Versions

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Products, licensing options

  • EULER Pro - version license to use the software system in commercial operation.
  • Fully EULER Pro Package includes all modules PC EULER.
  • Delivery EULER Pro in a client configuration (set of specific modules).
  • EULER Demo - demo version license.
  • Intended to familiarize you with the capabilities of the PC EULER. Has limitations on the number of units (8) and objects (256). Allows you to simulate small mechanisms.

Academic licensing options:

  • EULER Student - for students.
  • Designed for PC use EULER students universities. The set includes modules Euler / Base and Euler / Advanced. Has limitations on the number of units (16) and objects (512). Allows you to simulate different mechanisms.
  • EULER Personal - for personal use.
  • Entitles personal use PC EULER students and high school teachers and professionals involved in the modeling mechanisms. The set includes modules Euler / Base and Euler / Advanced, Euler / Aero, Euler / Tire, Euler / Vibration, Euler / CAD interface, Euler / Research and Euler / Simulink. Has limitations on the number of units (32) and objects (1024). Allows you to simulate a wide class of mechanisms, and research calculations.
  • EULER Uni - multiplayer option EULER Personal.
  • License is intended for use in PCs EULER universities during the training process.
  • EULER Science - license option Euler Pro for PC EULER for educational purposes and execution of research in universities and academic research institutes. Commercial use PC EULER not allowed.

With all the options available licenses electronic documentation and electronic security key. Also EULER Demo. License option EULER Pro comes with documentation on paper and can be supplied with a network dongle. EULER Uni license option comes with a network dongle.


  • The module software system "EULER» (EULER)
  • Euler / Base Basic module. Includes solver, pre-processor, post-processor and the main components of creating models of mechanisms. Without this module, other modules can not work PC.
  • Euler / Advanced The module extends the modeling mechanisms. Allows you to define variables mass-inertial characteristics, create lists of objects, use the contact force elements, define software movement differential channel, etc.
  • Euler / Aero Calculation module aero and hydrodynamic forces.
  • Euler / Tire Calculation module tires.
  • Euler / Vibration Vibration assessment module loaded mechanisms.
  • Euler / CAD interface Import module of CAD-programs in the format STEP, IGES and ECT.
  • Euler / Research Module research calculations. Allows optimization and parametric statistical analysis to solve boundary value problems and conduct other research.
  • Euler / Simulink Module enables connectivity models MathLab Simulink.
  • Euler / Flex The module allows you to create mechanisms with deformable links, inputs which should be prepared in PC MSC.NASTRAN.
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