Fuel Cell, Battery and Battery Management Systems

Fuel cell modeling is very complicated, but easy-to-use models can help to develop a conceptual design. The voltage-current characteristic is one of the main design inputs when optimizing the control of a fuel cell power electronics interface. Next to the conceptual fuel cell, the more detailed PEMFC model is required for converter optimization.

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Battery usage depends on discharge rate and temperature. Good knowledge of the internal workings of battery chemistry is the key to good battery usage. Testing the charging and discharging of your battery design in Caspoc gives detailed information on the State of Charge (SoC) as well as the state of health of your battery system.

Active or passive battery management, the combination of battery models and circuit design - including switch model power supplies in CASPOC - will extend the battery life.

A Fuel Cell powered Scooter for Taiwan is modeled including the mechanical model of the Scooter. During start up the energy is provided by a rechargeable battery. The goal of the simulation is to find out how far the scooter can drive when powered from a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell.

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