Solar Power

Currently, solar energy generation is a highly valued renewable energy generation method. Use of engineering simulation software like CASPOC helps with the optimization of entire designs, whether it is a small-scale solar project or a large remote solar harvesting park.

The complete system (solar power + grid connection) can be modeled, from varying sunlight density to grid connection. Engineers can either work with a standard model or enter the specific features provided by the manufacturer.

Caspoc is the best solution for solar power systems analysis.

  • Ideal solar model for first try
  • Variable solar density and temperature
  • Detailed solar model with characteristics from manufacturer
  • Special models for single cell, or entire module
  • Maximum Power Point (MPP) control
  • Power electronics detailed on switching level
  • Power electronics on system level
  • Detailed simulation on micro-second level
  • PQ control for grid connection
  • Connection to a single phase or three phase grid
  • System simulation to see the performance for a day or week, for varying sunlight density and temperature
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Solar module with Boost converter and MPP control. The converter is feeding into a single phase grid using a converter with power factor equal to one. The second scope shows the U-I characteristic and the maximum power point.

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