Message from the CEO

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Paving the Way to New Possibilities for Customers and Society

In emerging markets, growth continues to explode. However, increased energy demand in the recent years is making a far more serious situation concerning the advancement of global warming and the limitation of natural resources. Furthermore, the procurement of sustainable and environmentally-friendly energy sources is a mission of all mankind, exemplified in one way by the worldwide questioning of the state of power generation based on fossil resources.

Tackling these social issues around the world, the industry and the academic world have to play an important role as leaders.

Simulation Research

Simulation Research is the global leader in development of simulation products for the power electronics and drive industry. Since being established in 1989, our business has spanned most markets, customers, products and geographies. We consider our company to have the capabilities and sophistication of a large multinational entity, as well as the responsiveness and creativity of a smaller family business, and we hope you agree. In recent years, we have added a multitude of special models and simulation tools to our product line in an effort to better serve our customers. This service has become a very significant part of our business and we look forward to further development in support of our strong customer base.

The key to the success of our company is our people. They are smart, energetic, experienced and customer service-centric. Most importantly, they are responsible for providing our customers with industry leading quality products, service, and reliability. These are characteristics that we take very seriously and are unwilling to compromise. The simulation products we supply are used in various industries, where quality is not an option, but an absolute necessity.

Powering your potential

Being quick to provide products and services that answer the diverse needs of people worldwide with innovative and advanced technologies in a timely fashion, and opening up new possibilities for customers and communities - this is the promise of the Caspoc brand, and the road to achieving our Group mission.

Your continued support is deeply appreciated.

dr ir P. J. van Duijsen

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