The "Archive" functionality helps you in storing intermediate versions of your work. Using the "Archive" function, the current loaded simulation file (*.csi) and its project directory are stored in an archive directory. The archive directory is created with the same folder name as the current loaded simulation file and extended with the date, time and title of the project. Selecting File/Archive from the menu creates an archive.

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The "Archive" copies the current loaded file to the archive directory. Any changes that are made to this file and were not saved using the File/Save menu item are not archived. Therefore, first save your changes with File/Save before creating an archive.


If you made changes to your schematic and you want to keep your original file, first make an archive and second save your changes using the File/Save menu command. The archive will contain the original file without the changes. If you make a second archive after saving your changes, the second archive will contains the changes.

The archives are stored in an archive folder in the same folder where your (*.csi) file is stored. The archive folder is named after your (*.csi) file extended with "_Archive". Inside this archive folder a new folder is created named after your (*.csi) file, extended with the date, time and project title. All files that have the same file name as your (*.csi) file, including any project folders are copied into the archive folder.


It is advised to use a project folder with the same name as your (*.csi) file to store any project related files, such as data files, libraries, etc. All contents, including sub-folders, from the project folder are archived too.

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The archived files are displayed in the project manager treeview on the left side of your screen. Open the Project directory and open the Archive directory to view the current archives.

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You can open any of the archived files, by double clicking the file name.


Opening an archived file will set the current active directory to the archived directory.

To restore archived files, please use the Windows File Explorer to copy and paste the files to its original working directory.

The following figures give an overview of the directory structure used for archiving your project files.

The root of your poject files: <br>Click to close the image

The contents of your project directory: <br>Click to close the image

This is the directory that you created for stroing your project related files. The contents of this directory are shown in the project manager under Project/Files.

The directory where your archives are stored: <br>Click to close the image

This directory is created when the first archive as created from Files/Archive

Each archive contains all your project fles, including sub-directories: <br>Click to close the image

Even the sub-directories with all the contents are archived: <br>Click to close the image

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