Project Info

Project info can be stored in a simulation project. Open the Project Info dialog box by selecting the menu item File/Project Info

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The project data is embeede in the (*.csi) file and therefore always included un the simulation file. The data that you enter in the title field is used for the identifying an archived directory in the archive.

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Using Copy and Paste, you can sharetext with your text processor. The fields in the project Info dialog box are limited to 1000 characters.

To store a more complete report or other document, use the project folder from the project manager to store the document. You can access the contentsof in the project folder from the project manager, by selecting Project/Files.(A project folder has the same name as the filename of your simulation.)

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Double click any of the listed files in the Project/Files from the project manager, will open them in their associated program, like Word, Excel, Paint, etc.

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