Copy simulation results to your word processor.

There are various ways to copy the simulation results to a word processor or graphical drawing program. The easiest way is to make a screenshot by presssing the [PrintScreen] key on your keyboard and selecting Edit/Paste in your word processor. Use [Alt]-[PrintScreen] to copy only the active window, for example a scope.

You can also export the bitmap of the workscreen and import it into your word processor. In that case only he schematic is exported and not the whole Caspoc Window. You can export a bitmap of the workscreen by selecting Tools/Export Bitmap

To have a more detailed figure of the schematic or simulation results, you can export a windows vector graphic. To create a vector graphic from the schematic select Tools/Export EMF. To create a vector graphics from the simulation results in the scope, select File/Export EMF.

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In your word processor, for example in Microsoft Word, select Include/Figure/From File and select the previously exported *.emf file.

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