.Option Command line options.

There are a number of command line options that control the circuit simulation. However most of them are covered by the options dialog box and saved in your simulation *.csi file.

A typical parameter that can be set in the command line options is the healing of the magnetic coupling between inductors.

If three inductors L1, L2 and L3 are defined in the circuit but only K(L1,L2) and K(L2,L3) are defined, the coupling between L1 and L3 is not defined. Using the K_Healing option, you can automatically perform healing and take care that he circuit remains well-conditioned.

Default the healing option is turned on. You can turn off the healing by specifying

.option K_Healing off
in the commands editor.

You can turn on the healing by specifying

.option K_Healing on
in the commands editor.

Open the commands editor by selecting "Tools/Commands Editor"

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