FreeWare or Viewer

After installing Caspoc it will work as a FreeWare or Viewer. If you have a license in the form ofa softlock, hardware dongle or connection to a License Manager, the FreeWare/Viewer turns into a Standard/Professional version. If you do not have a license, Caspoc will work as FreeWare or Viewer.
Caspoc is started from the windows start menu. Depending on the type of license, Caspoc will start as a Viewer/Freeware, or as a Standard/Full version. After starting Caspoc you will see the following screen:

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If you do not have a license, Caspoc will start as a FreeWare/Viewer. You can open any sample and simulate it.

FreeWare If the sample is small enough (≤6 circuit nodes, ≤10 blocks and no modeling language), you can edit the schematic and all the parameters.

Tip! If Caspoc blocks during the editing, because there are too many nodes or blocks, use the undo button or press CTRL-Z to undo the last editing operaions that blocked Caspoc. You have to undo a couple of times, until the blocking is removed Viewer If there are more than 6 ciruit nodes or more than 10 block diagram blocks and no use is made of the modeling language, Caspoc will work like a viewer. In the viewer mode, you cannot change the schematic or any parameter. In the runnable viewer mode you can run the simulation and change parameters via the interactive blocks such as UpDown and Key.

You can view the type of license by selecting Help/License/View License

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The screenshot above indicates that a softlock license for Professional version 2005 Release I is valid until Saturday Feb. 6th 2010.

If you have the free FreeWare/Viewer installed, after starting Caspoc the FreeWare notice is displayed in the preview window:

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You can view the FreeWare license by selecting Help/License/View License

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If you load any sample, that is larger than the maximum allowed for the FreeWare, Caspoc turns into a runnable Viewer.

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The above sample contains 7 circuit nodes (count one extra for each voltage source and don't forget about the node in the mechanical circuit) and therefore Caspoc runs like a runnable Viewer. You can start the simulation and open the scopes, but the changing of the cicuit of parameters is not possible.

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