Versions of CASPOC, A Simulation Experience!

The Caspoc Standard version is the most basic, yet fully functional version of Caspoc. The Caspoc Professional version includes extended features. It shows the possibilities of the Caspoc simulation and animation package. You can create your own models and perform simulations and animations. It comes with a number of examples, which show you what you can do with Caspoc. You can simulate and animate these examples and let yourself be amazed by the speed and flexibility that Caspoc offers you!


Try Caspoc with our FreeWare version. Although limited in nodes, you can run the samples and create your own models and simulate them!

Caspoc offers you:

  • Fast simulation, no convergence problems!
  • View results during simulation!
  • Easy to learn!
  • Free tutorial and lots of samples!
  • Power Electronics, Drives, Control, all in one schematic!


Any sample can be Viewed / Simulated / Animated in the Viewer. If there is no license, you are able to run the simulation and view the results from the simulation. Certain parameters can be changed, indicated by the interactive components like the UPDOWN, KEY and ONOFF.

Caspoc Viewer offers you:

  • No license required!
  • View results during simulation!
  • No limitation on nodes and components in the Viewer!
  • All samples from the tutorials. sample packages and the educational Workbooks can be Simulated / Animated!

Standard version

With the low-priced Caspoc Standard version you can simulate and animate DC converters, DC-AC converters, AC-DC converters, Controlled Rectifiers, DC converters with control, Induction Machines with inverters, Brushless DC machines, etc.
Also, most of the examples from the Educational Example Package for power electronics can be simulated with the Caspoc Standard version.

Caspoc Standard offers you:

  • Non-linear components!
  • C-script to create user defined blocks!
  • Analysis for every type of Switched mode power supply, even resonant converters!
  • Improved user interface and project manager!
  • Library blocks including SMPS and Electric Drives!

Professional version

Our High-End Professional version offers couplings to various simulation and analysis tools, supports embedded C code export and allows you to run scripts to optimize your designs.

Caspoc Professional offers you:

  • Modeling language also for Microsoft Visual C!
  • Optimize your simulations using the C-script language. Set parameters in your simulation and perform multiple simulations from the C-script!
  • Look up tables 1D, 2D and multi-dimensional!
  • Export of embedded C code for micro-controller design!
  • Typecast block for creating Fixed-Point simulations!
  • Report generator creates reports for all projects in one directory. Automated running and report generation!
  • Coupling to Electromagnetic software, such as ANSYS and IES!
  • Coupling to multi-physics simulation tools!

Educational version

No limits for education!

Our educational version includes all the features of the High-End Professional version. The educational versions can only be ordered by educational institutes.

Online Workbooks included!

The online versions of the workbooks on Power Electronics and Electrical Drives are included in the educational version.

General info

The Caspoc Standard version is not limited in nodes and blocks. The Standard version includes, samples, tutorial, libraries and online help on CD-ROM and a 250 page printed manual.
The Caspoc Professional version has extended features.
Caspoc runs on Windows 9x/ME/NT4/2000/XP
Licensing is availabe by Softlock, License Manager for the network license, Hardware Dongle

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