Field analysis software for electromagnetic and thermal analysis.

High Performance Electromagnetic Simulation Software

Integrated Engineering Software offers a complete line of premier simulation tools designed to handle your toughest electromagnetic engineering challenges. Our design and analysis software gives you newfound power to simulate, investigate, and optimize your electromagnetic design on your desktop.

The most effective solution to modeling electromagnetic components and systems.

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Innovative boundary element technology:

our competitive advantage

Integrated Engineering Software's premier electromagnetic simulation tools put you on the cutting edge of Computer Aided Engineering. Integrated's products are specifically designed to combine the advanced technical capability of the Boundary Element Method (BEM)- the most powerful CAE solution available - with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. Avoid repetitive and costly prototype development. Create high-quality virtual prototypes for design optimization. Realize significant cost-savings through increased efficiency and shorter product design cycles. All this without the steep learning curve usually associated with CAE software tools.

The boundary element advantage

Integrated's utilization of the BEM means that only "active" regions require discretization. Fields can be calculated anywhere else in the "world". Utilization of the BEM also allows for the modeling of true geometry curvature rather than straight line approximations required by other methods. Models with thin layers and extreme aspect ratios are handled more easily. Fields are calculated by integration, effectively smoothing out discretization and round-off error. Other methods use differentiation, which tends to amplify error.

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