• Caspoc   Multilevel Simulation and Animation
    • SMPS   Switched mode Power Supplies
    • Electrical   Electronics, power electronics and power systems
    • Control   Block diagrams for building controllers, such as PI, PID and FOC
    • Mechanical   Translating and rotating loads animated
    • Thermal   Heat sink and semiconductor losses and efficiency
    • Magnetic   Magnetic circuits for transformers and soft-ferrite
    • C script   Embedded C script block simplifies control design
    • Electric Machines   Extensive set of electrical machine models such as DC, Induction, Synchronous, BLDCM, PMSM, SRM, SynRel
    • Renewable Energy   Solar, Wind, Battery and eMobility
  • Caspoc features   Circuit, Control, Mechanics, Magnetics, Thermal
    • Multilevel   Combine electric circuit and control in one simulation
    • Animation   Animation of the schematic
    • Embedded control   Export of c code for embedded MCU controllers
    • Small Signal   Small signal analysis of switched mode power supplies
    • Co-Simulation   Exchange simulation data with Matlab-Simulink and FEM
    • Experimenter   Run your simulations from the experimenter C script
  • Caspoc versions   FreewWare, Viewer, Standard, Professional and Education versions
  • 3D Electromagnetic FEM   Finite Element software for electrical machines
    • Features   Magnetostatic and magnetodynamic with Eddy currents for any Geometry
    • Versions   2D and 3D,Static and Eddy currents
  • 3D Multibody   Euler Multibody simulator
    • Features   Implementing the mechanism
    • Versions   Educational and Industry versions
    • Download   Download a test version

Applications   Here all applications are listed from drives to power systems

Education   Support information regarding educational use of the program

Support   Support information

  • Download Caspoc   download our Freeware/Viewer for free
  • License   Types of available licenses
    • Dongle   License via a hardware dongle
    • Network   License over the network
    • Softlock   License for one PC
  • Manuals   Overview of the manuals
  • Examples   Collection of examples for Caspoc
  • Literature   Overview of Application Notes, Published papers and white papers
    • Power Electronics   Switched mode power supplies, inverters.
    • Drives   Electric Machines, Drive concepts, control of drives
    • Renewable   Solar panels, MPP, Wind turbines, Electric Generators, Battery, Fuel Cell
    • eVehicles   Power train, inverters, electrical machines and control for eMobility
    • Automotive   Electric drives in automotive applications
    • Power Systems   Power Systems Stability and power Quality
    • Education   Educational application of simulation and animation
    • eLearning   The role of Simulation and Animation in distance eLearning
    • Semiconductor modelling
    • Control   Control and Model Based Design
    • Transportation   Railway applications
    • Theory   Theory of Simulation and Animation
  • Tools
  • FAQ   Facts about Caspoc
  • Brochures   Overview of all brochures
  • Updates   Contact us for the latest updates

News   Events, Trade shows, seminars and workshops

  • Events   Trade shows and other events
  • Seminars   Visit us at our seminars
  • Workshops   In depth training at a workshop
    • DC Workshops   Workshops on DC grids using Simulation and Online Design Tools
    • DC Trees   DC grid training

Help   User and reference guides, HandsOn and Tutorials

Company   Information on Simulation Research the makers of Caspoc

Contact   Contact Simualtion Research or your local distributor

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