About Caspoc Technical Support

Who Is Eligible for Technical Support? Support is available to all commercial clients who are currently under a support maintenance contract. Support of Caspoc's international business is handled by the local Caspoc representative in that region.

We also provide assistance to university and college professors worldwide who are teaching simulation classes with Caspoc. For non-technical questions related to the educational version of Caspoc, contact us by email or via your regional representative.

As with the international commercial business, support for Caspoc's international academic business is handled by the local Caspoc representative in that region.

What Does Technical Support Provide? Simulation Research provides full support for the entire Caspoc family of products, including Caspoc Freeware, Viewer, Standard and Professional. Questions concerning installation, how modules work, the use of the model editor, and the use of the software are handled by technical support.

  • Technical support for the Caspoc family of products includes: Online help and manuals
  • Technical support hotline and e-mail address staffed by full-time, experienced simulation professionals
  • Help with installation problems or questions related to the software's requirements
  • Limited support regarding the interaction of Caspoc with other software packages

(PLEASE NOTE: Caspoc Technical Support does not provide programming assistance.)

Self Service

Before contacting Caspoc Technical Support, we recommend that you browse for answers to common questions contained in the following links:

Contact Technical Support

Simulation Research's Caspoc support hours are 8:30 am to 5 pm ET, Monday through Friday.

International Support. Technical support is available for international customers through the global representatives. Click here for the representative near you.

Beyond Technical Support?

If you are seeking guidance with regard to building a model or building a template, Technical Support will refer you to a Simulation Research consultant who can evaluate your needs and recommend the appropriate modeling method. We now offer a on-site trainings on the topic of your choice. A great place to start for users who need a little additional assistance building models! Learn more at Caspoc Training Material. (Consultants can also be contracted to build the models and templates.)

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