Online manuals

There are a number of online manuals and you are encouraged to browse these manuals.

Have you checked out our User Manual lately? It is not a big, clunky book you have to read from start to finish! It is an easy-to-use, fully searchable Help tool.

Please Note: Because we are constantly updating the manual as Caspoc evolves, it is recommended that you only print as much of the online manual as you absolutely need to. To ensure that our clients are always receiving the latest information, we update the manual for every major software release and for any minor release containing new and enhanced features.

Quick guide

Here you will a quick overview where to find components, the basic menu commands and shortcuts as wel as an overview of where to click on the program. Recommended to have printed version next to you!

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Start guide

This guide contains a Get-Started in various languages, showing you how to model and simulate a single phase rectifier. Click to close the image

Reference Guide

This guide contains an overview of all menu items and components in alphabetic order. Click to close the image

User guide

The user guide is the actual guide that explains how to use Caspoc and gives many details about the components inside the program. It starts with introduction tutorials and discusses various methods tht you can use in Caspoc. A comprehensive set of applications and the role of the components and the explanation of some of the inner workings of models is included here. Click to close the image
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