FEM Coupling parameter exchange.

Static parameters for inductance, torque constant and back emf, are measured from static FEM analysis.

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Parameter exchange is a method where the first tool is used to design or analyze a component and use the resulting parameters from that analysis in a model in the second tool. Depending on the results from the second tool, the user can make modifications in the model in the first tool and repeat the analysis in the first and in the second tool. <br>Click to close the image

Example induction machine

The induction machine below is directly connected to the main grid. The parameters are normally entered by the user in the properties dialog box. In this simulation, they are read from a text file that is connected via the Mname block and the list of include files. <br>Click to close the image

The direct setting of parameters is done by the user in the dialog properties box. <br>Click to close the image However in this case the parameters are supplied via the Mname block that links the parameters from a *.mod include file to the induction machine model. The parameters defined in this include file are replacing the parameters in the dialog box.

To define the include file with the model parameters we create a text file in notepad where we specify the .model parameters. <br>Click to close the image In this file the parameters are specified as: .model im1 user Lm=20mH Lr=0.5mH Ls=0.5mH Rr=0.05 Rs=0.05 p=2 J=1e-3 f=1e-3 The keywords .model
are predefined and specify that this a user specifed model with user specified parameters. The name of the parameters is exactly the same as shown in the properties dialog box.
This .model file is finally included in the simulation by specifying the name in the include dialog box that can be selected from the menu Insert/Include Files <br>Click to close the image If the simulation is started, the parameters from the include file are copied to the model, although the default values in the dialog box remain. Removing the Mname block restores the old parameters specified by the user in the properties dialog box. The name of the .model parameters, in this example im1 is specified in the Mname block at the text entry text1. <br>Click to close the image The parameters from the .model specification in the include file are in htis way included in the simulation and the parameters are copied into the induction machine block.
The parameters in the include can directly be exprted from the FEM program into a text file and by opening and starting the caspoc simulation, the correct parameters are included in the simulation. <br>Click to close the image

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