Store files related to a project.

To acces various files, that belong to one project, from the project manager, you can simply put them in a directory which has the same name as the main simulation file. Both the simulation file (*.csi) and thedirectory have to reside in the same directory.

For example, a project called MyProject contains one main simulation file MyProject.csi, a text file data.txt and an excel sheet calc.xls.

The simulaiton file MyProject.csi is in the directory samples. Create the directory MyProject in the directory Samples and save there the text and excel files.

Directory: C:/ProgramFilesCaspoc/Samples
File: C:/ProgramFilesCaspoc/Samples/MyProject.csi
Directory: C:/ProgramFilesCaspoc/Samples/MyProject
Files: C:/ProgramFilesCaspoc/Samples/MyProject/data.txt

Opening the Files section in the Project section in the project manager after opening the MyProject.csi simulation file, wil show the files and subdirectories in the Files section. You can open these files by double clicking them.

If the simulation file MyProject.csi is opened the files in the directory with the same name , in this case "MyProject", are placed in the project manager.

Double click the "Projects" in the project manager and double click on "Files". All files from the directory "MyProject are listed in the project manager.

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Depending on the extension of the file, the file is opened in the associated application. Files with the .dat extension are opened in the default Scope in Caspoc, where you can edit its content with the numerical table editor.

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