Simulation speed.

There are a number of settings/features that you can enable/disable to speed up the simulation

  1. Disable the replay
  2. Disable the animation
  3. Close or minimize all scopes
  4. Increase the print interval
Disable the replay

If you disable the replay, the simualtion will run considerably faster, because not all simulation data has to be stored during the simulation. In the figure below the replay is enabled:

<br>Click to close the image Disable the animation

If you disable the animation, the simulation will run considerably faster. In the figure below the animation is enabled:

<br>Click to close the image Close or minimize all scopes

Closing or minimizing the scopes during the simulation saves time on updating these scopes during the simulation.

Increase the print interval

If you increase the print interval, not all simulation results have to be displayed during simulation. You can set the print interval in the simulation parameters dialog box. Set the value in the field:

Show each [ 1     ] time step simulation results

to a larger value. For example, setting the print interval to 5, will cause Caspoc to output only at each fifth time step. The intermediate results are calculated by Caspoc, but not stored in the scopes.

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