Creating Web-enabled Reports.

Instead of copying figures into your word processor, you can directly export a web-enabled from Caspoc. Select Tools/Export HTML and the report generator will be shown.

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Here you can add text to your report. This text is stored in your sample. Select the [EXPORT] button to export your report. The report is stored under the same file name as your sample, but with the HTML extension. All The schematic is stored with the emf extension, and the simulation results from the scopes are stored with the *.scope.emf extension.
You can view the exported report directly in your web browser by selecting Tools/View HTML. If your browser is not starting automatically(depending on your type of browser and installation), you can view the report by opening the file *.html that is exported from your sample. It is stored with the same file name as your sample.

If you open the *.html report in your word processor, you can even edit the report or include it in other documents.

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