Magnetic circuit modeling overview.

Magnetic circuit modeling is required to simulate the non-linear magnetic behavior of coupled inductors, transformers and actuators. The magnetic circuit replaces coupled inductors when the saturation of the core influences the overall behavior of the circuit. Also using the magnetic circuit, it is very easy to couple more inductors to a magnetic circuit. For example in a isolated switched mode power supply the primairy, secondary and other windings can be defined as well as size of the core and the material properties. The library components can be found in the section Components/Library/Magnetic

<br>Click to close the image

Saturation is modeled by applying the magnetic saturation properties to the magnetic circuit components. The simulation below shows the saturation of an MPP core when driven by a square wave signal. <br>Click to close the image

The scopes in the figure above show the electrical and magnetic results from the simulation. Scope 2 shows the driving voltage with the coil current and scope 1 shows the BH-curve for the magnetic component. The B and H outputs from the magnetic circuit are only available for displaying in a scope.

The simulation below shows a magnetic circuit with 3 windings and leakage. <br>Click to close the image

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