Evaluate algebraic expression with 3 inputs
Inputs(3) a b c
Select from Components/Blocks/Cscript&Expression
Function Algebraic expression evaluation, where the inputs are denoted by a, b, c, etc.
Only algebraic expression using +-*/ can be used. Use Brackets ( ) for ordering equations. Use % for integer divisions and use ^ for exponentiation. Scale suffixes notations like m and u, etc. are NOT allowed, instead use 2*10^-6 for 2uFarad. A square root of the first input a is evaluated as a^0.5.
Use the blocks EXPRESSION, EXPRESSION2, EXPRESSION3, EXPRESSION4, EXPRESSION5, EXPRESSION6, EXPRESSION10, EXPRESSION15, EXPRESSION20 for evaluating algebraic functions with more inputs.
Special The ^ operator cannot be used in exported C code!
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