1-Dimensional lookup table
Inputs(1) i
Parameters(5) Column Method Repetitive Index Format
Default Column=2, Method=1, Repetitive=0, Index=1, Format=0,
Text1 File name
Text2 Not used
Select from Components/Blocks/Functions&Tables
Function 1-Dimensional lookup table from a text based data file.
Special Using the LookUp1D a onedimensional data file can be read, for example, a Speed-Torque curve, or a time sequence.
Column(p1)2 Number of the column where the data is read from. Set default to 2.
Method(p2)0 No interpolation between the data points.
Method(p2)1 Linear interpolation between the data points.
Method(p2)2 Spline interpolation between the data points.
Repetitive(p3)0 No repetition of the data points.
Repetitive(p3)1 The data points are repeated with the modulus equal to the highest value in the first column.
Index(p4)0 The input i1 of the Lookup1D block is used as index in the table. The input value i1 is rounded to its round integer value, which indicates the position in the table. In this case the values in the first column are ignored.
Index(p4)1 The input i1 of the Lookup1D block is used as index in the first column of the table.
Format(p5)Not used in the LookUp1D block.

The first column is the indexing value of the table, the second column specifies the function.

i(1) y(1)
i(2) y(2)
i(3) y(3)
i(4) y(4)
i(5) y(5)
i(6) y(6)
i(7) y(7)
i(8) y(8)
i(9) y(9)
i(0) y(0)
i(11) y(11)
i(12) y(12)
. .
. .
. .
i(.) y(.)

If the data text file contains more columns, as in the example below

i(1) y1(1) y2(1) y3(1)
i(2) y1(2) y2(2) y3(2)
i(3) y1(3) y2(3) y3(3)
. .
. .
i(.) y1(.) y2(.) y3(.)

each collumn can be selected by setting the parameter COLUMN (p1). For example setting parameter Column to 3, will read all y2 values from the data file.

If the Spline method is used, the first derivative of the function to the input dy/diis available via the block GetIntVar, with internal variable number 1.

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